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Welcome to the official website of Cheongyang-gun County,
embraced by Chilgapsan Mountain, known for its splendid sceneries all year round,
and traversed by a clean and clear stream.

Cheongyang-gun served as the cradle of a number of notable figures and patriots including Joseon Prime Minister Beonam Chae Je-gong, who led a cultural renaissance under King Jeongjo, Myeonam Choi Ik-hyeon, who became a symbol of patriotism, Min Jong-sik, the leader of the Hongju Righteous Army, and General Song Yo-chan, a hero in the Korean War who later served as the Prime Minister.

We are devoted to revitalizing the local economy, attracting new residents, nurturing talented individuals and bringing prosperity for all as part of our efforts to realize the vision of "Great Cheongyang, New Century." Also, through the 100-ri Waterway, 100-ri Flower Road Project, we are endeavoring to create a cleaner, more pleasant place to live and visit.

Our county is a place of warmth and friendliness, where the residents live in harmony with nature. Cheongyang has many things to offer, from the impressive tourist attractions around Chilgapsan Mountain to the specialty products such as gugija (wolfberry), known to promote longevity, and the sweet and spicy cheongyang chili pepper. So, visit us and create wonderful memories surrounded by nature.

Our website is a place of communication that's open 24/7, so don't hesitate to join us!

Thank you.