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  1. Mayor
  2. Vice Mayor
  3. Planning & Auditing
    • Planning and Evaluation Officer
    • Budget Officer
    • Audit and Legal Affairs Officer
    • Policy Promotion Officer
    Resident Welfare
    • Welfare Planning Officer
    • Elderly Welfare Officer
    • Officer of Women and Family Affairs
    • Officer of Welfare of Disabled Persons
    • Service Linkage Officer
    Office of Civil Application Service
    • Civil Application Officer
    • Real Estate Management Officer
    • Feedback Board
    • Spatial Information Officer
    • Sanitation Officer
    Safety and Disaster
    • Safety Management Officer
    • Special Judicial Police Officer: Social Safety Officer
    • Restoration Assistance Officer
    • Civil Defense Officer
    • CCTV Control Tower Operation Team
    Culture, Sports & Tourism Div.
    • Culture and Arts Officer
    • Tourism Policy Officer
    • Tourism Development Officer
    • Sports Officer
  4. Environmental Protection Div.
    • Environmental Management Officer
    • Environmental Guidance Officer
    • Cleaning Administration Officer
    • Waterworks Officer
    • Sewerage Officer
    Agricultural Support
    • Eco-friendly Agricultural Administration Officer
    • Wealthy Rural Area Officer
    • Horticultural and Herbal Crop Officer
    • Processing and Distribution Officer
    • Regional Specialization Officer
    Local Economy
    • Local Economy Officer
    • Market and Employment Officer
    • Corporate Relations Officer
    • Traffic Administration Officer
    • Regulation Reform Team
    Construction and Urban Affairs Div.
    • Construction Road Officer
    • Rural Development Officer
    • Urban Affairs Officer
    • Local Development Officer
    • Architecture and Housing Officer
    Forestry and Livestock Div.
    • Forestry Management Officer
    • Forest Protection Officer
    • Officer of Parks and Green Spaces
    • Livestock Officer
  5. Finance
    • Tax Administration Officer
    • Accounting Officer
    • Collections Officer
    • Assessment Standard Guidance Officer
    • Asset Management Officer
    Administrative Support Div.
    • Administrative Officer
    • General Affairs Officer
    • Low Birthrate and Talented Individual Management Officer
    • Saemaul Exchange and Cooperation Officer
    • Information and Comunications Officer
    Public Facilities
    • Management Officer
    Environmental Project Office