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Symbol Mark

A Vibrant Land of the 21C!

The alphabet "C," the initial of Cheongyang, was used to depict its beautiful natural environment.

The symbol mark represents Chilgabsan Mountain's dense forest and clean air (Green), clean water and warm heart (Blue) and specialty products and promising future of Cheongyang (Red).

The concentric circles represent Cheongyang's history and future as well as life.

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  • Royal Azalea

    Royal azalea symbolizes passion, honor, loyalty and a man of virtue. The wild flower, which withstands harsh winter environment to bloom in spring, is symbolic of the tenacious and persevering people of Cheongyang and the promising future of Cheongyang.

  • Sawleaf Zelkova

    Sawleaf zelkova is a symbol of the progress of traditions and history. It is known for its long lifespan and vivacity. As a tree that offers a pleasant shelter under its shade, it symbolizes the virtue of the citizens of Cheongyang, where the principles and values of democracy, unity and community are upheld.

  • Mandarin Duck

    It symbolizes the spirit, unity and prosperity of Cheongyang where nature and people coexist in harmony.