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Emergency Support

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Emergency Support

Provides emergency support information for married immigrants or foreigners in Korea who have experienced domestic or sexual violence.

Danuri Call Center 1577-5432 (as of April 2014)
Danuri Call Center 1577-5432 (as of April 2014)
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Multicultural families residing in Korea
  • Information on living in Korea, crisis counseling and emergency aid, everyday interpretation and 3-way phone call, and international marriage victim counseling are provided in 13 languages* for multicultural families residing in Korea.
    * Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, English, Tagalog (Philippines), Mongolian, Russian, Thai, Khmer (Cambodia), Japanese, Uzbek, Lao, Nepali

    Consolidation with immigrant women emergency support center (1577-1366). Call using the existing hotline (1577-1366)

  • Emergency counseling and protection service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to cater to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, or prostitution.
  • After counseling, necessary support is provided through interface with the relevant institutions (national multicultural family support center, domestic violence counseling center, sexual violence counseling center, domestic violence victim protection facility, police, attorney, hospital, women's organization, welfare organization, One-Stop support center within hospitals nationwide, etc.)
  • Seoul main center (delegate hotline): 1577-5432
  • Regional centers
    • Suwon: 031-257-1841
    • Daejeon: 042-488-2979
    • Gwangju: 062-366-1366
    • Busan: 051-508-1366
    • Gyeongsangbuk-do Gumi: 054-457-1366
    • Jeollabuk-do Jeonju: 063-237-1366
Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
Joint Enforcement of Consultation with the Goverment
Joint Enforcement of Consultation with the Goverment
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Foreigners living in Korea Consultation regarding difficulties, free legal support, free health checkup. No individual application required (self-participation) 1345 without phone exchange number Ministry of Justice
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Organization Telephone Number Description
Fire, First Aid, Rescue Report 119 Addresses various disasters and accidents (24 hours/day)
Police 112 Addresses sexual/domestic violence, school violence and other various crimes (24 hours/day)
School Violence/Violence Against Women 117 Provides round-the-clock one-stop service or linkage with NGOs for emergency rescue, investigation or legal services upon receipt of a report of school/domestic violence, sexual violence or human trafficking.
Emergency Center and Hospital Information 1339 Collects information from emergency medical systems in 12 sectors across Korea to dispatch ambulances and provides additional services (24 hours/day)
Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center 02-338-5801~2 Provides counseling for sexual violence victims (Weekdays: 10:00 - 17:00)
National Child Protection Agency 1577-1391 Receives reports on child abuse and provides counseling (24 hours/day)